Saint Huck (thefletch7786) wrote,
Saint Huck

Noise from the Sky

Noise From The Sky "This Is Our Final Offer" 2006

JOE THOMPSON -Drum, Guitar, Keyboards, Cconstructive Criticism
LOREN THOR -Bass, Baritone Guitar, Autoharp, Spirit Visioning
MITCHELL FRISTER -Vox, Guitars, Casio-Beats, Ready to Die

1. Soundoff (Theme)
2. No Not Nothing
3. Franklin, I Don't Know
4. I Remembered I Forgot Again
5. Lazy Foot
6. Haircuts in the Sky
7. The Future Has Failed
8. Trophy Killing
9. Midnight Disease

these are mastered but still unfinished, i'll upload the final product if you like it.

copyright Forced Persepctive Collective

also, if you like this check out these bands: The Tasteful Nudes, The Eyelids, The Velocipedes, The Logs, and more.

for those of you that care, this is Mitch and Joe from The Eyelids and Joe and Thor from The Tasteful Nudes. also Zach Lapidus played keys on a few tracks, Eric Padget played trumpet on others. also, Ross played a rocking guitar solo.
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