Saint Huck (thefletch7786) wrote,
Saint Huck

Noise from the Sky

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awesome record cover!!
surprised i haven't seen it before..
ah well. such is life
I like it quite a lote. Much more polished than I expected, but you knew that already. Not so sure about the lyrics, but that's just because they're not all about S&M, and I guess you can't win them all.
I am very impressed with the first track, haven't heard the other yet. but seriously, love it. Listening second time through now.

Ok, now I've listened to all three, definitely I like the first one the best, but all of them are very well done. Professional sound, I am very impressed. Whats more, I just plain like them.
Do You Too and Sit Tight are both old Eyelids songs, Do You Too was actually on our four song demo EP thingy. Sit Tight is the song that broke up the eyelids.
Awesome CD cover, and excellent tracks. I heart it.